Friday, 22 May 2015

The PC Professor and Website Design Peterbough Mobile Friendly Website Upgrade

Hello Fellow Website Owners,

Is your web site not meeting the requirement of the new mobile friendly requirements, we are here to help. We can redo or upgrade your website to a better and mobile friendly website thank will stop your rankings from dropping and with our work will bring you better ranking from our SEO specialists.

Please read this article for further understanding on Google changes.

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We would be glad to help you out!

The PC Professor

Thursday, 21 May 2015

For Complete Web Services Contact Website Design Peterborough and The PC Professor

For Complete Web Services Contact Website Design Peterborough and The PC Professor.

The PC Professor and Website Design Peterborough in Peterborough Ontario Canada offer a complete line of web services.

Website Design Peterborough specializes in complete affordable custom website design, mobile web compatibility, and hosting services. We offer a free, no obligation consultation and quote. Our web specialists also provide affordable web services such as a website maintenance, administration, multi-media, upgrades, updates, SEO, promotion, and support. Your project will be completed in a timely fashion according to your web needs and timeline.

Then we set-up and configuration and design your project in a timely fashion according to your specifications. Once your project is complete we can host it or put it on  another hosting company. We then optimize your site and submit to search engines and promote you to first page in google for search terms 99% of the time. Then we train you on how to maintain your content easily.

Website Design Peterborough also offers additional services including website maintenanceadministration, multi-media, upgrades, promotions, and support.

Web hosting packages are available at a very reasonable price and come loaded with numerous auto install scripts from Fantastico. We use Cpanel for our hosting administration. You can view our website special or contact us for your free consultation. Our Hosting Services are Green.

Website Design Peterborough in Peterborough save you money on advertising, while increasing profitability and promoting your business in the 21st Century.

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Hello there. I am bringing you some the new creations designed by The PC Professor Web Services
My latest site, just created: and

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