Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Interesting Google Info and News

Hi I was was circling my Google+ circles and found this tidbit of information you should find handy.

Some Imporatant URLs you should know as a Google User - I am Programmer
Let me Show you the Important URLs you should know as a Google User.
The First and the Basic URL to start with Google Experience is :
By going through this Link you will be able to Sign Up with Google (Gmail) or can create a new Account using your any existing mail Id.
By going through this link you will come to know Google keeps track you and it shows more relevant ads to your interests without asking your age, gender and preferences. Google creates a profile which is based on the sites you visit by your Google+ account and other signals. Use this URL to know how Google sees you on the web. You can also View and edit your profile within Google’s system.

By this Third URL you can export all your data from Google. Google lets you download your data from its products which includes contacts, Gmail messages, +1s, Google+ circles, Bookmarks, contacts, Gmail messages, Google photos and even your YouTube videos. Grab your data from Google as soon as possible.
This URL will let you file a complaint in the event you find your content being used or copied without permission on a Google website. A Blogger, Adsense, Google+ or YouTube – you can file a DMCA complaint with Google against that site for that content. By this we can also remove websites from Google search results.
By the Above URL you can Track the Location of your Android device or the Google Now iOS app, you can also find the Recent location data and on what velocity you are moving and if yes, how fast are you moving this will back to Google servers. You also have the option to export this data as KML files that can be viewed in Google Earth or even Google Drive.
As you can see HISTORY on URL itself, this Url lets you know your entire SEARCH HISTORY at one place. It records every search term that you have ever typed into their search box. They even keep a log of every ad that you have clicked on various Google websites.

If you haven’t used Gmail accounts, use this URL to ensure that Google doesn’t delete them after extended periods of inactivity. You need to login to your Gmail account at least once every 9 months otherwise Google will delete your account according to their policies. You can set up your main Gmail account as the trusted content for your secondary accounts. By this, Google will keep sending you reminders every few months to login to your other accounts. However, it is not available for Google Apps.

If you are worried that someone else is using your Google account. Then don’t worry go through the above link you can see the activity report to see a log of every device that has recently been used to log into your Google account. You also get to know the I.P. Address and their approximate geographic location as well.

Sometimes we sign up browser extensions, mobile apps and Google scripts using our Google Account. If the permission level says “access to basic account info”, it basically means that you have used your Google account to sign-in to that app. You can get this long list by visiting the above url.
This is an important URL for Google Apps users. If your Google Account ever gets hacked, use this secret link to reset your admin password. You’ll be asked to verify your domain name by creating a CNAME record in your DNS.
NOTE : In the About URL Replace domain.com in the above URL with your own web domain name.
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Tuesday, 27 October 2015



Google Already Favours Mobile Websites, but look out....

As of April 21st, 2015 Google has started "Mobilegeddon"; essentially websites that are not considered mobile friendly will no longer show up at the top of the search results originating from mobile phones and tablet PCs. Here is a link to Google's mobile friendly checker, please feel free to check any of your sites so they are not left behind in the general traffic flow of the internet: http://goo.gl/oCtDrj 

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Harper And Trudeau Have Broken The Internet

The TPP and Internet Freedom

Have you heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau have been in favour of the TPP – but there’s a reason people are calling it the “Internet Trap”. Here are 5 reasons why the TPP could cause a threat to our internet freedoms.
1. The TPP could impose tougher criminal penalties for small-scale alleged copyright infringement, like uploading a home video with a popular song playing in it.
2. The TPP could force Internet Service Providers (ISP) to collect and hand over your private data without privacy safeguards.
3. The TPP could give media conglomerates more power to remove online content and even terminate your access to the Internet.
The TPP and Internet Freedom
4. The TPP could make it possible for ISPs to kick an entire family off the Internet without any evidence or due process.
5. The TPP was negotiated behind closed doors by lobbyists and unelected trade representatives.
In other words:
“What we’re talking about here is global Internet censorship. It will criminalize our online activities, censor the Web, and cost Canadians money. This deal would never pass with the whole world watching – that’s why they’ve negotiated it in total secrecy.”

– Meghan Sali, OpenMedia, October 5, 2015

Friday, 25 September 2015

Google Favours Mobile Friendly Websites

Google tweaks search algorithm to favor sites that look good on smartphone screens

A new tweak in Google's search algorithm has sent businesses scrambling to make their website mobile-friendly. WSJ's Rolfe Winkler reports. Photo: Getty
Google Inc. began shuffling its rankings for mobile websites Tuesday, potentially benefiting sites like job board Indeed.com and real-estate company Zillow Group Inc., and hurting others like retailer Zumiez Inc. and IRS.gov.
Google said it tweaked its algorithm for mobile searches to favor sites that look good on smartphone screens, and penalize sites with content that is too wide for a phone screen and text and links that are too small.
Given Google’s importance in driving traffic to websites, some in the industry dubbed the change “mobilegeddon.” Google updates its algorithm frequently, but this is considered by some experts to be its most significant change in years. In an unprecedented move, Google warned website operators in February that the change was coming, and gave them tips on how to prepare.
“A lot of sites have been racing to beat the clock on this issue,” said Mark Ballard, director of research at Merkle RKG, a search-marketing firm.
The change is also important for Google. A company executive said at a conference last year that searches from mobile devices were poised to surpass searches on personal computers.